NerdBurger 014 - 6 Charisma Tool

On this week's episode Craig and Mike welcome guests Matthew and Ray for The NerdBurger Challenge: D&D Edition, and Matthew loses his RPGinity! The guys also play Cards Against Humanity, and share their Santa stories because... it's Christmas in June?

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Have a look at some gruesome battle scenes from Matthew's first D&D adventure, "Kobolds, Zombies, a Cultist...Oh My" (imagination required): 

In 2010, Craig translated the "Room of Pools" from the classic D&D adventure "B1: In Search of the Unknown" for the fourth edition of Dungeons & Dragons. The PDF of Craig's "re-imagining" of this iconic locale can be found here.

Hey kids (17+), check out Cards Against Humanity as heard on* NerdBurger.

*Cards Against Humantiy, if you'd like to sponsor our podcast... :)


Have a Bad Santa (or other mythical gift-giver) story from your childhood? Drop us a line and let us hear all about your shattered dreams and devastated feelings. #Caring


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Hannah Montana Struggles with Penis Envy
  • and pretty much every other Cards Against Humanity combo we read out loud