NerdBurger 013 - That's One Way to Put It

This week Craig and Mike discuss Netflix, local superhero, and Chewbacca news, Apple's big annual dog and pony show, and the guys welcome Mike's dad for a very special Father's Day installment of "Old Guy Stuff with Tim". Caveat Cacator.

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Tired of all those pesky stand-up comedy specials and TV series polluting your Netflix queue? Try A Better Queue, and get right to the good stuff. 


Hipster geeks rejoice, it's Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference. This year's theme was "later this year", as in "all this cool stuff will ship...". Oh, Apple <rolleyes>.


Happy Father's Day!

Mobile crime-reporters Crimson Fist and Meta Data, keeping trendy Atlanta neighborhoods slightly more safe since 2006!


Is that a lightsaber in your Wookie, or are you just... wait, WHAT?!? 


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Switching Ass Positions
  • Caveat Cacator