NerdBurger 024 - A Business

This week the boys are joined by James via his iPhone to talk about their aches and pains like old people, Craig's trip to Gen Con, no one's trip to Dragon Con, say goodbye to Steve Ballmer, go to Anatomy class, and find out Who Surfs What Porn Where!

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Microsoft now much more likely to suffer from Hypohidrosis.

Rain Man of the Whammies.

The most imporant thing we all learned from this interactive map of porn search terms is that Craig doesn't know his US geography. Colorado, really?

Here's hoping a Stubbornness of Rhinoceroses never tramples any of us.

I'm not allowed to post any pictures of my visit to the cadaver lab, but apparently these people didn't get that memo. What did I say about old leftover turkey? Yep.


Craig's Gen Con Text Journal

Craig's Gen Con Photos

Mike's Mosquito Bites / Hives / Infection / Cankles

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Everybody Gets to be Batman
  • From Cadavers to Turkey
  • Hawaii Pineapple-O