NerdBurger 023 - If It Wasn't Creepy Before

This week the guys discuss last month's Comic Con, where the heck Ryan Gosling came from, last month's neighbor from hell, the 23 enigma, last month's news, and take an inexplicable stroll down 911 memory lane. Recorded 32 days ago, which is 23 backwards!

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OMG, Comic Con!!!

What were the best horror stories these Reddit users could come up with in two sentences? 

Was this episode 23 FOR A REASON? No.

We'll have some of what Google's been smoking, thanks. Maybe it will help Mike's pronunciation.

In the meantime, some guy found a good use for this ridiculous thing. Yes Ivan, it's connected to the fuckin' phone.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Cure for Your Crickets
  • Gah-goo-gah-gle