NerdBurger 032 - Thirty-Six Point Nine Seconds

This week Mike's dad Tim descends on the studio to talk news, listen to some Breaking Bad tributes, and otherwise spend the better part of an hour living out the cliché of an old man offending everyone while complaining about everything.

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Wondering what to get Craig and Mike (or just Mike) for Christmas this year? Of course you were! Any (or all) of these will suffice, thank you very much.

Who's that voicing the new iPad ad? Why, it's Walter White! Which color iPad do you think he will buy, the White and silver or the Schwartz and Space-Graymatter?

Check out the whole middle school Breaking Bad musical over there ---> 

People watch tennis on TV? That's a thing? 

What used to get you locked up in the Trans-Allegheny looney bin? Glad you asked!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Pope Nazi's Quote Show
  • Something Something Apologies Something