NerdBurger 033 - So That's a Different Strange You're Talking About

Josh returns this week to talk tablet shenanigans, the Fargo fat kid hater, & The Walking Dead, and play "Leopard Skin or Volcano". Also, Josh updates us on Kickstarter RPGs & Atlanta Cons and Mike sends an audio complaint letter to the MythBusters.

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This woman has too much goddamn free time. Behold, Fargo's arbiter of fat.

J D Power and Associates, apparently spending a lot of time recently with Consumer Reports and doing that thing where two new friends start to ape each others mannerisms and speech patterns, has decided (or been bribed) to invent another mysterious New Math in order to make 3.5 greater than 4.5 and give Samsung a false sense of win over Apple in it's latest tablet satisfaction "survey". And although a certain horny beast thinks this tablet win is real for the Korean photocopier, it's becoming clear that Android is getting forked pretty hard on the low end.

UPDATE: J D Power had responded with a non-answer that would make Jay Carney jealous.  

Is that a leopard skin on your wall or was your volcano just happy to see me?


This week's alternate episode title was:

  • Appeawing to the Chiwdwen