NerdBurger 035 - Nahdo-Bah-Gah wa Saikoh Poddo-Kasto!

This week's episode finds the guys on their first conference call with Dave & Matt, featuring a Canstruction update, a deconstruction of Anthony Bourdain's Tokyo episode, Bat Kid & Ant Man news, and Matt gives us a tour of his Kickstarted JRPG, Ryuutama!

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Saikoh/psycho = pronounced the same. Manga/manga = not pronounced the same. Got it? Me neither.

So last week Mike did this Canstruction thing here in Atlanta, which you can read about here. So, how'd that all turn out? Mike's team won Juror's Favorite and People's Choice, which is like winning first place twice. Or so he says. So, nowhere to go but down next year, eh?

Bat Kid gets best Make-a-Wish wish granted, ever. Good luck topping that with the next kid, geniuses. Kind of like Mike's Canstruction team (HEY!).

Ant Man test footage that will rock your world.

Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, Tokyo After Dark episode. Skip to 27:10 of the segment we discussed. Had he known, would Tony have made a big deal about the Japanese word for best (saikoh) sounding like "psycho"? I think yes.

Funded 7 times over with loads of extras to be had, check out Matt's Kickstarter for Ryuutama - Natural Fantasy RPG! And listen to his podcasts Super Excite Game and JojoCast here! And read Dave's blog HERE!!!

Are your dolls (or action figures) human or monster? Well ARE THEY!?!?!?

This week's alternate episode title was:

  • Mahnga not Maynga