NerdBurger 034 - Jerk Kid

This week Matthew returns with spawn Daniel, who proves he can dish it out as good as he can take it from his Jerk Dad. The crew discuss Battlestar Galactica, Craig & Matthew's game in development, and Daniel schools us all on everything Minecraft.

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It's Canstruction time! Here in Atlanta the competition supports the Atlanta Community Food Bank. So, head on down to Colony Square TONIGHT (11/13) to see the can sculptures and buy a raffle ticket or two, or donate some canned foos of your own (everything remains on display through Sunday the 17th). Mike from NerdBurger will be there somewhere eating all the free hors d'oeuvres.

And please, if you are reading this, CLICK HERE and like the photo of Mike's team's can airplane.

Hey butthead! Why don't you make like a tree, and listen to this song!? Well lookie what we have here... it's a video too! <Random Biff-ism, another random Biff-ism> You get the idea.

Mergers and Acquisi... no. Mergers and Executio... no. MURDERS & ACQUISITIONS!!! Coming... soon? Study up on that there character sheet to be ready, ya little brown-noser!

Got Minecraft? Check out the gallery below to see some of Daniel's builds, as well as photos of him and his Jerk Dad in their awesome Blues Brothers Halloween costumes

Embedded ActiveX Whos-a-whatsit, HUH??? Here's a photo.


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • You Can Hack Matthew & Daniel at...
  • There Is a Small Refrigerator Next to Me