NerdBurger 039 - Couldn't Agree More

Andy and the guys talk blogging, Ed Helms, bacon, pacemakers, the No Fun League, review some Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD & American Horror Story, and discuss the science behind peanut allergies and BS physics theories, all while watching Cars on Ice!

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Watch the video over there and experience the carnage as you listen to us watch it with you!

When you're done here, head on over to Dave's New World Alchemy and check out Craig's new blog Murdering & Acquiring to get all the updates on his new game.

Order yourself some awesome specialty bacon from Nueske's, and your house can smell just like Mike's house (minus the dog farts)!

Just, no.

And if you eat to much bacon, maybe one day you'll need one of these.

More like Pooper Bowl.

Thanks, Uncle Al. We're still not sure what for, but thanks nontheless.

And check out Yakko's Nations of the World song, and this updated-for-2013 version.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Exciting Podcasting and Web-browsing
  • Quit Boring My Immune System
  • Against Violins