NerdBurger 038 - Brain Freeze Insensitivity

This week JD joins Craig and Mike to talk Frolicon, writing, theft of radioactive materials & electricity, smartphone addiction, a DNA D'oh!, American Horror Story, Star Wars snowflakes, life hacks, and Mike shows us how to void our warranties! Timmah!

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These are "sciencey" facts, not science facts. Just to be clear.

Did any of these Mexican carjackers die from radiation poisoning yet? I don't know, I'm on to next week's news already. You'll have to look it up yourself.

Speaking of "stealing" (sure are a lot of dick fingers this week).

Smartphone addiction: because just having FOMO isn't enough anymore.

Scientists figure out they've been wrong all along about something. Again. Remember kids, they're all just guessing.

Because really, if you only had to work half the year you'd think it was too much too.

Print yourself some of these sweet Star Wars snowflakes and annoy the crap out of some people. First listener to send us a photo of their annoying coworker's cubicle COMPLETELY covered in these wins a prize.

Hey you! Yeah, you. Go hack yourself!

And check out iFIxit for all your warranty-voidey needs.


This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Timmy Tongue
  • Supposebly
  • More Subarus in Decatur Than There Ought to Be