NerdBurger 049 - Hey Running Deer

This week Larry brings the T-Pain to the studio to discuss tech news, Zombeavers, a giant sewer Pooh & a Girl Scout selling the munchies, talk Winter Olympics, catch up on everyone's favorite TV shows, and listen to some Real Actors Read(ing) Yelp!

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Competition has finally arrived in Redmond, WA after a 30 year journey. Enjoy your new lower prices, Windows users.

Heroes is returning to NBC next year. Will the cheerleader die this time around? Did the cheerleader die last time? I don't know, I stopped watching.

The do's and don'ts of using Google Glass. Apparently, their hundreds of users don't understand etiquette and need it spelled out. Is one of the don'ts "Don't read these do's and don'ts while staring blankly at the creeped out woman sitting across from you on the subway"?

Zombeavers Trailer. As expected, there’s “beaver” jokes.

Pooh stuck in sewer. No, really.

And check out Real Actors Read Yelp, as heard on NerdBurger:

  1. Manager in a Rush
  2. PF Chang's

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Bringing the T-Pain
  • Zombie BEAVERS?!?