NerdBurger 055 - Two Coils and a Soup Can

On this week's episode Tim returns with As Seen on TV gifts, Craig brings more goodies for the studio, and everyone works blue! Also, Craig bitch-slaps the HIMYM whiners in a scathing editorial and Tim describes his plan to cut the cord on cable TV.

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Ever needed to go during a movie, but didn't want to risk missing anything? Now you don't have to soil yourself anymore.

American Horror Story: Freakshow. That describes every season.

You can now go try a waffle taco at Taco Bell, and never have another one again.

Here's hoping both Josh and Jackson Galaxy don't get TB.

Don't look at anything with a screen EVER AGAIN.

Home Depot to open a store exclusively for your entertainment. In a manner of speaking.

We are warning you 355 days in advance. Back up your stuff. No, do it.

Hey look, it's a business card!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Potato Bacon Bag
  • Poopcasting