NerdBurger 056 - WTF Salami

Andy joins the guys to talk Norwegian sexy fish, blue eyes, sleeplessness, Goonies, Heartbleed, magnetic dog poop, smelly shelter cats, Game of Thrones, game of goats, NBC's desperation, Monty Python, and wrap up season 4 of The Walking Dead. Spoilers!

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Norwegian fisherman finds creepy orange sex toy inside fish. Gaaahhhh.

Got blue eyes? You're related to Andy and Craig!

That a-e thingy is called "ash".

Can't sleep? You're slowly killing your brain!

Goonies 2, anyone? Richard Donner is 80, so they better get a-filmin'.

Do selfies cause mental illness? Of course not. They spread lice.

Got Heartbleed? Yeah, you probably do.

Got a magnetic rectum? Your dog does.

Flatulent cat disgusts new owner, gets returned.

Game of Goats. You're welcome.

NBC reeks of desperation. On a positive note, Mike did eventually remember that he watches Community and that it is the only thing he watches on NBC and will be until they cancel it, which will probably happen soon :(

Free Monty Python YouTube videos boost DVD sales 23,000%! So, piracy is good…? Does PopcornTime still work…?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Apollengize
  • Andy's Nipples Are So Hard