NerdBurger 065 - Live From AndoCon!

This week - live from AndoCon 2014 - Craig, Mike & Ando welcome a room full of guests to talk gaming, Han Solo's brittle old bones, gaming, Friday the 13th, more gaming, gamers, and the games they play. Plus, the audience pays Mike to let Craig punch him!

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You may have missed it this year, but next year's AndoCon is only barely less than a year away, so get planning!

And be sure to check out the Chaosmos board game , a copy of which we gave away during the recording courtesy of Mirror Box Games (Thanks Joey!).

And be sure to visit the Intarweb-homes of our guests from this episode:

Why is Friday the 13th considered so unlucky (other than the fact Ando started this year's Con on one)?

Old Harrison Ford crushed by new Millennium Falcon.

A special thanks to our guests Jonas, Michael, Bryan Espinoza from Florida Whammy, Charlie Hawkins from Altered Confusion, Sorden, and author Louis Puster, who all graciously donated their time, voices and enthusiasm while sharing their nerdiness and helping to pimpify this podcast. We hope to see you all next year (or maybe sooner)!

And of course, a very special thanks to Ando, Katie Mae, and the entire AndoCon staff for their hospitality, and for putting on one heck of an awesome nerdy con.

And also, an extra special thanks to the staff of the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Center, especially Darrel (or whatever your name tag said) for the extension cord. I knew we would forget something.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Pimpified
  • NERD!
  • Come at Me Bro
  • Cornering the Market on the Middle Part