NerdBurger 066 - A Sustained Hump

Larry returns bearing gifts and noisemakers to celebrate our triumphant return to the studio, make fun of Facebook again, talk infected business, sex dolls, artificial muscles and wombs, say hello to the World Cup and bid a fond farewell to Fargo. Uff-da!

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And… we're back recording in the Lavender Room at NerdBurger Studios on the shores of Maggot Creek, and the quality has already suffered. We're sorry.

Keep up with the latest about the TV Show Show over at 5by5, and listen along with Mike and Larry (and maybe Craig?) if/when they start watching Breaking Bad from the beginning.

Facebook begins slinging out some new crap we won't ever use.

Speaking of slinging, send your diseased junk to be looked at by someone pretending to be a doctor.

Words "borrow" and "sex doll" used in the same sentence. Oh jeez, like we just did! Ugh.

Artificial muscles to (maybe) be used in upcoming… eyePhone! Wow, that was uncalled for.

Speaking of artificial body parts, prepare to be seriously creeped out.

Everything you wanted to know about that YouTube music streaming service you haven't heard about.

The Milwaukee Brewers are making political campaign style ads for their All-Star Game hopefuls.

Even the Onion has succumbed to click-bait. Someone should write a satirical article about that.

Goodbye Fargo, hello Better Call Saul seasons 1 and 2: better late than never.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Severals of Dollars Worth of Website Metrics
  • An Infected Business
  • Uff-da!