NerdBurger 067 - Four Nineteen Point Nine Repeating

On this week's show, Josh joins the guys to talk TV superhero casting, cats from hell, Ikea's litigious side, microbiomes, heart attacks, and bionic implants. Also Josh brings us all the news from this year's E3, and the guys play "Onion or Real?"!

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Vincent D'Onofrio's giant head to play Kingpin's, um, giant head in Netflix's Daredevil series, along with Rosario Dawson who will be playing an unknown body part.

Remember the 911 cat from hell? It was on TV. Then it went to a foster home. The it attacked those people. Then it went back to the hospital. Now it's with some other foster people. And if Craig had his way, this would have all stopped a long time ago.

Ikea, you suck! Wait, now maybe you don't.

Who needs fingerprints!?! Soon we will be able to identify you by your own filth.

Stress causes heart attacks because... it's stressful to have a heart attack? Stress, blah, heart attack, science, something.

Speaking of science, it only took 40 years for them to figure out how to start making the 6 Million Dollar Man. Way to go, science. 

And yes, the Mad Max reboot is a thing. No word yet if Tina Turner will make an appearance.

This week's alternate episode title was:

  • Rhonda Scrotumtoe from Pittsburgh