NerdBurger 071 - Lucased Dreaming

On this week's show Dave returns for more discussion of dinosaurs, customer no-service, mummy-quins, brown fat, lucid dreams, and 3D representations of girl parts in art. Also, Dave and Craig share their latest game design trials and tribulations.

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It's a dragonfly! It's a X-Wing Fighter! No, it's a 4-wing ...dinosaur?

Yes, that a-hole Comcast retention specialist really is supposed to be an a-hole to you. That's what you're paying for.

Mummy? Daddy? …MUMMY!!!!!!!

Hey ladies, it's better for your health to turn the thermostat down because SCIENCE!

Are you a lucid dreamer like Dave? Email the show and tell us about it. You will not win a t-shirt.

Microsoft CEO can't stop saying "synergies". I hope they aren't still wondering what their biggest problem is...

Check box… er, check OUT this honest wedding invitation.

Speaking of boxes, Japanese vagina-kayak artist jailed for distributing 3D scans of her own junk.

Speaking of, um: college kid just can't get enough vagina… sculpture.

Aaand… dumb patient medical stories.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Gay Mechanic
  • Choose Your Own NerdBurger