NerdBurger 072 - Istanbul (Not Ando Calrissian)

Ando joins the guys this week to talk summer TV binging, Comic Con, Bill Murray, improbable batteries & space drives, and dodge a train on our way to Lewinsky's to watch the Hitler Show. Also, Ando NerdBurgers us on filmmaking and late night donuts!

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Couldn't get to Comic Con this year? Don't worry, we have that on the Internet for you.

"Facebook is not a law enforcement issue"… 

Stable lithium anodes could make awesome new batteries. I'm still waiting for cold fusion.

NASA invalidates possible space drive. Oh, sorry: validates IMpossible space drive. Infinite improbability? Possimpibilty? I'm so confused.

Bill Murray shows up for free ice cream. Heck, who wouldn't?

Octopus has worst ever case of pre-partem depression.

Lewinsky's on Clinton. I have no words.

Check out Heil Honey I'm Home over there. It's racist.


Spielberg's "oner". I swear the narrator sounds just like a grown-up Gordie Lachance.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Fun-Size Douchebag
  • Tons of Puns
  • Australia is Not a Race
  • Jerk-Dick, not Dick-Dick
  • Windshield Pudding