NerdBurger 078 - No Hamsters

On this week's show we say hello again to Larry as he returns to talk The Leftovers, The Chair, bad music, Mel Brooks, solar flares, large food, football geography, new Apple stuff, the New Truman Show, fire sales, and things on fire! Also, hipsters.

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Mel Brooks leaves 11-finger handprints in Hollywood ceremony.

Did you see the not-as-northern lights last week? Here's why.

100. Foot. Bratwurst. Uh, YEAH! But wait...

22. Inch. Kielbasa. Beer-cheese. Fried… I don't care which part is fried, gimme!

NFL announcers can't un-Xerox their brains when talking about these sideline iPa… I mean, Surfaces.

Time to play Who Likes What Team Where! Why so many Green Bay fans in Dixie County, Florida you ask? Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Mick Collins.

More like Magic Volcano of doom. Can someone get California some water, please?

The New York Times assumes Amazon's Fire Phone Fire Sale is a sign the handset is struggling, but we'll never know until Amazon decides to ever release any sales figures. Don't hold your breath.

Now the Onion needs to write a satirical article about all the people who got violently angry because Apple gave them a free U2 album they didn't want. Oh wait, that actually happened <facepalm>.

First world problem: Um like, I want the big iPhone, but like, my super skinny jeans make my ass look good, and like, it won't fit, or something.

Discontinued iPod Classic becomes, er… more classic?

Ho-dink-ee? Ho-din-kee? Ho-din-kee. Apple watch analysis from people that know things about watches.

How much a real Truman Show would cost, in dollars. The cost in negative karma from duping some poor slave his entire life is immeasurable.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Fire Sale!
  • This Show is Making Me Thirsty