NerdBurger 080 - Apex 1312

This week Jim returns to discuss Ren un-Faireness, the Lavalantula, post-stroke granny swears, Real Geniuses in your TV, giant rectangular donuts, fun with etymology, and Netflix spoilers. Also, Jim's Gen Con recap and Episode VII spoiler rant!

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Minnesota Renaissance Festival may have to move due to fracking mine.

There's a Lava-barfing giant spider movie starring the cast of Police Academy. How has this not been made until now?

Grammy can't stop cussing out the kids after a stroke leaves her with Tourette's. How has this not yet been made into a movie?

Pop a slice of liquid nitrogen into the vending machine and sit down for what will probably not be a good show. NBC. Enough said.

Krispy Kreme UK makes a giant box of donuts that would dehydrate Homer Simpson to death.

OMG dude, these words are totes old!

Hate waiting through all those excruciating minutes of entertainment to find out how that movie or show on Netflix ends? No worries.

John Cusack hates having to do crappy rom-coms, but he'll still do them because... all the actresses are super young? I think I missed his point.

ISI/Grass Valley Switcher, aka Apex 1312.

ISI/Grass Valley Switcher, aka Apex 1312.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • The Creature That Ate Police Academy
  • Less With the Talky-Talky