NerdBurger 081 - Stevie Sees Monthly

On this week's show Emily and Cody join the guys to talk hyenas, Ebola, the Charles Manson Musical, the psychology of Internet trolls, Stevie Wonder trutherism, Windows 10, and Charlie Brown. Also, Emily and Cody relate their latest theme park adventures!

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Japanese zoo wastes years attempting to breed two male hyenas with each other. In their defense, female hyenas have… well… it's complicated. And kinda gross. You've been warned.

Atlanta gets another Ebola patient, and this one wasn't planned. Hooray!

Everyone knows that German audiences love them some Manson! Charles, that is.

Just what is it that's wrong with internet trolls? Turns out, everything.

OK people, for the record: 9/11 was terrorism, Kennedy really did send us to the moon, and Stevie Freaking Wonder is BLIND. Deal with it.

Want to ship via UPS, but don't have anything to put in the box? Hey, now you can print something up right at the store!

Too bad that obnoxious drunk girl from the Mummy line wasn't on this roller coaster. Egads!

Here is an April Fool's satire article about Microsoft inexplicably skipping over Windows 9. And here is the real article from last week where the real Microsoft really did actually announce that exact thing. <facepalm>

30 years of Coen Brothers movies. This ought to kill the rest of your afternoon.

5 things you didn't know about Charlie Brown. Well, 2 if you subtract the one thing Craig told you, the other thing we pried out of Craig, and the thing we told you before in an earlier Christmas-y episode. Oh, and plus the bonus thing at the end of the article. So let's see… that's 3 new things you haven't heard of yet, plus the 3 we spoiled for you on 2 separate shows, for a total of 6. Does my math check out?

There weren't any good screenshots of Bill Paxton from the Twister ride.

There weren't any good screenshots of Bill Paxton from the Twister ride.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Buy Me a Drink and Tell Me About Tornadoes
  • Drunk Girl in the Mummy Line