NerdBurger 082 - I'm Sorry (Comma) She's Not Dead

This week Craig and Mike discuss Canstruction, lab-grown penises, DNA-challenged pregnancies, airport Shelbots, AMC's new programming, things more dangerous than Ebola, blood moons & jack-o-lantern suns, and celebrities who are missing, dead, or naked!

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Twin Peaks returning after 25 years. Prepare to get confused all over again.

Scientists have grown human penises in a lab.

Woman is genetically her children's' own aunt, because she ate her children's' aunt while in the womb.

Comedy club charges per laugh.

Indianapolis airport gets it's own Shelbot.

AMC cancels most of it's reality programming, in case you needed another reason to love AMC.

Here's a bunch of stuff that will kill you before Ebola does. Unless you live in West Africa, of course.

The Sun gets in the Halloween spirit.

If that awesome idea you had made a real light bulb appear above your head, and it was a blue LED, you may have won a Nobel Prize.

Nielsen ratings plagued by tiny errors, but they're irrelevant so who cares?

Doctor Who gets naked. Seriously, stop taking those pictures.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • CanBurger
  • Grammar is Important