NerdBurger 084 - All Hallows' Beav

This week Lisa joins the guys to finish out the month of October and finish up NerdBurger's Month of Halloween with scary news, haunted house stories, and (mostly) Netflix recommendations for scary movies, zombie movies, & zombie-Nazi movies. Boo!

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Buh-bye, Boo Boo.

The Sriracha Challenge, which has little to do with trying to pronounce it.

Networks are finally figuring out that people are watching the DVR channel.

Police lyric comes true, solar flares result. Except that it's big... so big, it's visible from Earth.

Your pet needs you to start yelling at the Roomba.

Creepy-looking "device" is actually an umbrella that creates a force field of air.

Dead body is mistaken for a Halloween decoration, ignored for days.

Extreme haunted houses are a thing. A very disturbing thing.

Not Rockford

Not Rockford

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Beware the Ides of November
  • In My Swimsuit Place
  • Context is Everything
  • Don't Bring Your Stupid-Shoes