NerdBurger 085 - NerdMania

"Loud Guy" Michael joins the guys in-studio to talk thumb extenders, Back to the Future, Zellwegering, and the return of Homestar Runner. Also, Michael NerdBurgers us on the link between professional wrestling & nerdery, and the trio play Movie Bump!

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Thumbs not long enough…? This will help you with that phablet, anyway.

Which music should you be listening to while you work?

Be on the lookout for tickets to your local orchestra's live performance of the Back to the Future score.

What happened to Renee Zellweger? She's older. Like you. Look in the mirror.

And if you want to know what some other celebrities will look like as they age, check this out. As for Robin Williams, we'll just have to keep watch on Bono.

Stupid tornado wall idea scientifically proven to be stupid.

Remember Homestar Runner? Too young to remember? It's baaaaack. Now, on to the burninating.

The Beefcake Yoga from down the road that we mentioned.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Thirteen Different Kinds of Toe-Thumbs
  • The Zellwegering