NerdBurger 087 - The Hot Dogs

Curt joins the boys to celebrate the Ides of November and talk home brewing, writing, football, the comet, Bruce Campbell, selling The Onion, the Houdini parrot, & tech news. Also, Curt shares crazy small town mascot names and hosts "WTF is a Blank?"!

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RIP, Mrs. Wolowitz.

We landed a spacecraft on a comet, three times, and then it died. Here are some pictures. And by "we" we mean the European Space Agency.

Evil Dead is coming to a cable-connected TV near you. Possibly in your living room.

Zombies found floating off of Chicago shores. And we're not talking about the Bears.

The Onion may be for sale soon. You could buy it and wear it on your belt, as used to be the style of the times.

Lake effect snow buries small Wisconsin town. Move over small Wisconsin town and make room for the 7 feet + that is currently falling in Buffalo.

In news of the obvious, lock-picking parrot escapes.

Someone at Twitter turned on the auto-mission statement feature, it seems.

More news of the obvious: Google Glass isn't doing so well… well, everywhere.

Amazon is hiring drone pilots in England. No word yet whether the interviews will include a test of strength against Jack Bauer near an open window.

And get your Watersmeet Nimrods t-shirt here, as heard on NerdBurger.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • What Parents?
  • Puttin' it to Skeletor