NerdBurger 086 - Hello, Sexbot

This week Ando returns to talk Canstruction, Atari, emotion chips, the ghost pepper orchestra, Rob Lowe's Paruresis, Street View boobs, Taco Bell, big drills, play Guess That Celebrity Face again, and share their least favorite TV tropes. Hello!

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Just be logged into Facebook, CLICK HERE and hit "like". That's the thing you're liking over there. It's a Porsche, in case you don't do cars. A yummy, yummy, Porsche. THIS JUST IN... the time lapse video of the build is now available and embedded down there next to this week's news items. Enjoy watching Mike sweat.



Atari ET games are finally popping up on eBay for many dozens of dollars. If you'd prefer one that works, Ando and Craig will gladly sell you theirs.

Emo-chips ahoy! Oh yes. Yes, I did.

Direct TV shamed for making fun of poor Rob Lowe. Or something.

Fear of spiders surgically removed from man's brain. By accident.

Who's THAT?!? It's a skinny, baby-faced Kevin Smith. Click on it anyway.

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! And on top of it, they really really suck this year. Unlike all those other years they made it to the Super Bowl and lost. Even worse.

On the Internet boobs are forever. Unless you get a lawyer.

Try not to wreck while ordering that "burrito" on your way to Taco Bell.

And I quote, "They're supposed to be doing what they're supposed to be doing."

And here's the central Internet depository of tropes. Enjoy!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Eighty-Sixed
  • Succumb Already
  • Face-Desking