NerdBurger 095 - Accidental Repeated Candlestick Blows to the Head

Jim returns for talk of Earth and sun weather, replicators, BTTF and 2015, CES, NFL Playoff excess and MS-DOS games. Also, he treats us all to tales from the Ren Faire including foul language, naked dancing, and shoving Ted Turner overboard! Shenanigans!

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You may have been living someplace where it was colder than Mars last week.

OMG THE SUN IS BROKEN (not really).

So, they're 3D printing food now. Pretty soon we'll all have replicators. It's only a matter of time.

Lots and lots of cord-cutting goodness at CES this year. Be like Jim, cut that cord!

Got wrinkles? Hair thinning? This company claims they have a helmet for that. And another for the other thing. Watch the video for some snarky fun.

Nike still on track to release 30-year-old shoe idea. But what about the auto-sizing jacket, huh?

Thanks to the crappy Carolina Panthers, you will have to wait until next year to try this awesome looking 3.5 pound Big Game Burger. Our Packers are headed west...

Here are thousands of MS-DOS games for you to play in your browser at work. Tell your boss NerdBurger said it was okay.

Looking for a Ren Faire that is both too edgy AND too family friendly? Texas has you covered.

If people hadn't been hurt at this Midwest Furfest gas attack, it would be REALLY, REALLY funny. Watch the video. It's still a little funny.

It's the Buddy Muhammed. Or a hipster with his hat on backwards. You decide.

It's the Buddy Muhammed. Or a hipster with his hat on backwards. You decide.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Ship My Bricks
  • Shenanigans!
  • Alien and Sedition Facts