NerdBurger 096 - Home Alone

This week Michael returns to talk movies, cancer, robots watching YouTube, Seinfeld psychology, Bigfoot, & Chuck Norris, Michael shares his first hand account of the recent WoW launch weekend debacle, and the trio play "Retired Wrestlers: Dead or Alive?"!

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Super-tight dress holds woman's bones and organs in place during crash with cement mixer. Ouch. Also, yowsa!

CNN was nice enough to provide you with this painfully long slideshow listing the movies that have recently been added to the Library of Congress. Gee, thanks CNN </sarcasm>

Turns out, cancer is genetic. Mostly. Gee, thanks God </sarcasm> Now pass the cigarettes, booze and formaldehyde!

Robots are learning how to take over the Earth by watching YouTube. Gee, thanks Google </sarcasm>

Rutgers psychology students get to watch TV for class. It is New Jersey.

Arizona DOT posts Bigfoot fake on it's Facebook page, gets Bigfoot researchers to do actual productive work.

Chuck Norris. Need we say more?

Someone on a rock&nbsp;in the South Atlantic hates Blizzard.

Someone on a rock in the South Atlantic hates Blizzard.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Barney's Butt / NPH's Stunt Ass
  • Creepy Even-Whiter Michael Jackson
  • Big Sasquatch Wants it So