NerdBurger 108 - Sammy Peeps and Chuck The Deuce

Jim returns to mourn the loss of James Best and the returns of The Muppet Show, Rocky Horror & Point Break, and talk tumor paint, MRSA salve, and the Gen Con situation. Jim also gives us the lowdown on naval genius and diary pioneer Samuel Pepys. Ahoy!

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RIP, James Best.

ABC is rebooting The Muppet Show.

Fox is remaking Rocky Horror. Instead of watching that, here's the interview with Tim Curry and his pornstache that Jim told us about.

And somebody is remaking Point Break. Not even Craig is looking forward to this.

Tumor Paint, probably not available yet at your local hardware store.

1000 year old recipe kills MRSA. If this doesn't prove how important history is, we can't help you.

Sammy Pepys. He's got lice.

Sammy Pepys. He's got lice.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • I Can See Your Purple Room
  • Pornstache Not Porn Stash
  • Vampire Bigot