NerdBurger 110 - Poop Sock

Craig and Mike go guest~less in this time~agnostic recording and discuss life~saving fandom, fecal~print fashion, douchebags, Poo~Pourri, studies, scienceyness, desert fauna, Epic Rap Battles of History, porn, architecture, and what's on TV!

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Regular blood donations to pay for football tickets saves man's life.

Poo emoji-printed clothes.

Douchebags of the US.

Poo~Pourri. Yes, it's real.

Study finds your kids are jerks. Another study finds that you ignored that last link because there are too many damn studies.

There is also too much bullshit "science" on the internet, but go ahead and share it on Facebook anyway.

Technology is about to make your porn consumption AWESOME.

The worst of the tech giants and architecture all in one place.

Has cavernous bowels.

Has cavernous bowels.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Prairie~dogging It
  • In My Vagin~Eye
  • I Never Said That And Put It On The Internet Forever