Michael returns to talk douchebaggery in sports, X-Files, Godzilla, Benadryl Comeuppanstance, Tesla, guns 'n' BSODs, death 'n' strippers, new dinosaurs, tiny trackpads and bad beer. Also, Michael takes us all on a tour of the modern Marvel universe!

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Go buy Iron Kingdoms Unleashed, featuring stuff written by Craig!

Go sports, more points! No more Favre though, please. At least, not after Thanksgiving.

Mitch Pileggi is joining the X-Files reboot ...because they're all back working at the FBI? …because the alien invasion in 2012 killed all of the other agents? Wait, what?

Baconbits Cucumberpants is officially engaged, ladies.

Tesla's new home battery will cost you more than a generator that does the same thing and runs much longer. But it's cool, so...

Too many BSODs? Take it to the shooting range, please.

Funeral strippers are a thing, and in a country that isn't the US!

Child of geologists finds weird new dinosaur while playing in the dirt… parents pretend they are amused.

MIT students design a trackpad for your thumbnail. Use is not guaranteed to bring Johnny Depp into your life as a caring older brother.

Oregon craft brewers are making poop beer, er… beer using treated sewer water.

As heard on NerdBurger, this is how long it will take you to watch the ultimate Marvel marathon.



This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Various and Sundry
  • Mickey Peglegs and GoPro Mulder
  • Wound Juice