NerdBurger 117 - Oscar Meyer Electronics

This week Andy joins the guys to talk celebrity deaths & revelations, Uwe Boll freaking out, robots, X-Files, Apple, and solar eclipses, debate the utility of smelly alarms, learn some Brady Bunch trivia, and use YOLO properly. Now go listen!!! YOLO

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Christopher Lee, Betsy Palmer, and Hermann Zapf: all dead.

TV's Cindy Brady dishes on all the "action" from the set of the Brady Brunch.

Uwe Boll is a dick who doesn't want your money (unless you paid taxes in Germany, in which case he's A-OK taking as much of your money as possible).

With all these articles about how robots will eventually kill us all, why are we still making any robots, let alone ones that can learn to defeat a samurai master? HUH?!?

Aloha is racist, or something.

Mike's Cracker Jack-prize bacon alarm didn't work, but maybe this new multi-smell alarm will. Back it on Kickstarter now!

Obligatory weekly X-Files news.

Overton, TX police officer shuts down little girls' lemonade stand, is a dick.

Goodbye, total solar eclipses. Hello, donut solar eclipsesmmmmmmm....

Apple announced a bunch of stuff you can't physically fondle.

What else was happening inside Tiger's doghouse behind the scenes of the Brady Bunch? Nothing involving Tiger, HEYOOOOO!!!

Lots of people like Game of Thrones, but does anyone like Coldplay? Anyway, here's the musical we talked about on the show.

Silicon Valley Dick Math. God bless Mike Judge.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • SausageCast