NerdBurger 116 - Sister Mary Holy Water

This week Mike's dad Tim pays a visit to talk Wisconsin news, spiders & earwigs, learn why your poop is whatever color it is, and guess X-Files guest stars. Plus, Tim shares stories from the 1950's and tells us what's so cool about Craig's new card game!

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University of Wisconsin students bake a Guinness World Record-winning giant Rice Krispie square. This is the type of thing they do up there when it isn't snowing.

Speaking of that… A Wisconsin church has cancelled it's annual pig wrestling event due to animal cruelty complaints. Instead: mud foosball!

Hundreds of wolf spider babies! Hundreds of wolf spider babies! Hundreds of wolf spider babies!

What does your poop say about you? (probably that you're an asshole)

Speaking of poop: a musical interlude.

And another week on NerdBurger wouldn't be complete without some more X-Files news. Okay, it's not really news. It's just a click bait slide show.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • One Continuous Cow Peel
  • White and Waxy
  • Post-War Friend Rationing