NerdBurger 120 - Audible Air Quotes

This week Dave returns triumphant after winning at Kickstarter to talk bad insurance, assault with a German vacuum, Yahoo in court, senior vandalism, paper-thin TV, paper batteries, DeLoreans, & desert ants. Also, how to win (and not lose) at Kickstarter!

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Miss out on Dave's Addictive Alchemy Kickstarter? Bad listener! But don't fret, because you can still pre-order the game for the Kickstarter price over at Dave's New World Alchemy website!

German woman defeats would be robbers with vacuum.

Yahoo has retained the services of some lawyers trained in the art of creative douchebaggery.

82 year old slashes tires on car of 88 year old after bingo kerfuffle.

LG shows off a paper-thin TV. Coming affordably to your living room in probably don't hold your breath.

Speaking of paper, researcher develops not entirely useless bacteria-laden paper batteries.

Speaking of batteries, you can now buy an electric (but not time traveling or flying) DeLorean.

Silver-haired fox drives the ladies at the nursing home nuts. Ant. Sorry, silver-haired ANT. Lives in the desert without roasting.

Are you planning to die, but are afraid not enough people will show up to your funeral? There's a website for that.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Three Words in German
  • Spectacular in a Rube Goldberg Kinda Way
  • That Taco Thing