NerdBurger 122 - My Dude on The Internet

This week Larry returns to talk bears using weapons, robots, bacon flavored seaweed, Duff Beer, Emmy nominations, signs you're going to die, One Minute Time Machine, staying out of the shark's house, rummage sale stories, and what's on TV. SPOILERS!

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Bears have learned how to throw rocks at their human captors.

Robots have become self-aware and are hitchhiking across the country.

Scientists have created a seaweed that acts like kale but tastes like yummy bacon.

Duff Beer is coming to a South American or European country no where near you.

Emmy nominations are out.

21 signs you are about to die.

As promised on NerdBurger, here is your link to the One Minute Time Machine short starring that nerdy autopsy assistant from NCIS and some woman who looks familiar but whose name I didn't recognize.

In honor of tonight's premiere of Sharknado 3: Stay out of their house, Lord Jesus!

And finally, the two craziest rummage sale stories you will ever hear.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Hear Larry Watch Craig and Mike Read
  • Craig's Dude on The Internet