NerdBurger 123 - Sharknadoslide

This week Lisa returns to talk Vegas, Earth-like planets, artisan mammoth fossils, X-Files casting, plastic roads, exoskeletons, dangerous toys, and Barnicle Clusterpants. Also, everyone reviews Sharknado 3. SPOLIER: It's as bad as you think it is.

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Las Vegas hotel pool catches on fire. No, really!

Earth-like planet discovered. What, you don't think they've already found us?

Get your overpriced mammoth fossil dice here!

And now The Lone Gunmen are back on the X-Files, which apparently has at least one new episode set in the afterlife.

The Dutch want to pave some roads with plastic. Because flakes of human skin are too rare and expensive?

Panasonic plans to turn factory workers into the cast of Aliens.

Kids do the darndest dangerous things.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • New Husband Smell
  • Exoskeleton Suit-up!
  • Wood Burning Tattool