NerdBurger 130 - An Albead Lamp

This week Andy returns to spice things up with BTTF news, dead Wes Craven & Boner news, Netflix & Hulu news, and fighting toddler & drunk texting news. Plus, the guys recap the latest Apple event and Andy gives the inside scoop on this year's Dragon Con!

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Go check out Altered Confusion, and remember to watch their Twitch show Thursday Night Hangout, every week at 8PM Eastern.

Robert Zemeckis says there will be a Back to the Future remake over his dead body, and maybe not even then.

RIP, Wes Craven. Please don't haunt our dreams.

Huge underwater city off the coast of Greece is definitely not Atlantis... nothing to see here...

Super creepy UK series Black Mirror is coming back on Netflix.

Is the first rule of toddler Fight Club the same as adult Fight Club? If so, the ring leaders broke it.

Hulu, now with 100% fewer commercials for 50% more moolah. Sorry about the awful IGN autoplay link. Blame Craig.

Drunk texting gone geek.

Broke hippies traveling the world for their blog are happy to perform menial labor. They're foreign hippies, so laboring isn't a foreign concept to them.

All the Apple goodness from last week. Mike may be joining the aforementioned hippies in exile if his wife can't keep him away from the internet when the preordering begins.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Andy says something foul and inappropriate
  • Mike says something foul and inappropriate
  • Craig says something foul and inappropriate

And this week's REAL alternate episode titles were:

  • Pimping with Craig
  • Back to Anal Beads
  • It's Almost Thirteen Inches