NerdBurger 129 - Recreational Grandma Tasing

This week Larry returns again to talk toddler politics, Amazon, lemonade stand harassment, good & bad Mars plans, fun with Siri, and random trivia. Plus, Larry brings more absurd Real Actors Read Yelp stories and Craig teaches us all some Victorian slang!

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In case you thought local politics were less of a joke than the national variety...

Kindle = great! Echo = creepy, but OK I guess. Fire Phone = OMG SHUT IT ALL DOWN!

Seinfeld lemonade stand shut down by Newman, er... I mean, nosy neighbors.

Cops in North Dakota are flying drones armed with tasers, other goodness.

Buzz Aldrin is developing a plan to colonize Mars and punch it in the face!

The Mars Isolation Experiment has begun in Hawaii (hi, Larry!), with 5 useful people and an architect.

Samsung truck displays boring reality show about driving.

Take off your gaspipes and brush up on your Victorian Slang, or something.

Yelp reviews for the restaurant at Terminus. Is it October 11th yet?

Speaking of Yelp...

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • A Pecker on the Face
  • Gaspipes in a Wad
  • Ending on Catpiss Neverclean