NerdBurger 136 - Letting it Rip

This week Mike's dad Tim returns from the frozen tundra to talk YouTube, robot workers, Ghostbusters Legos, European zombies, Florida Woman, the power of cheese, student drivers, beer, beavers, and Subway. Also, Tim shares how old people use the FabeTube.

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YouTube will now take your money in exchange for removing those annoying ads, however they will still be taking all of your personal information.

Samsung to replace humans with leukemia-proof robots.

Ghostbusters Legos leaked ahead of extremely delayed "30 year" anniversary launch.

I'm not saying it's zombies… but, it's zombies.

Florida Woman… yeah, that's all you need to know.

Cheese is addictive, bring me more cheese!

Student driver crashes into driving school. They really should have seen it coming, right?

We made fun of their commercial because getting hammered while shopping for beer is funny, but if you live in the Milwaukee area you should go check out The Malt Shoppe because it really looks like an awesome place to buy beer.

Andy asked for penis jokes, but we made beaver jokes instead. Geronimo!

Subway sued over the length of their "footlong". Insert your own penis joke here, Andy… Giggity.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Do I Have YouTube?
  • Pumpkin Poo
  • All Hallows' Beav, Part II