NerdBurger 137 - The Karate Cook

Join Craig and Mike as they discuss candy burgers, the Halloween comet, Rocky Horror turning 40, more plague news, why your cat wants to kill you, Indiana Woman's dog, and fun with theses. Also, the guys share more new Fall TV and bid farewell to Big Al.

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You got your Canadian cow meat in my chocolate and peanut butter! And it's probably delicious.

If Hollywood made a movie about the earth getting struck by a large object that looked exactly like a human skull, people would lose their shit. But it really almost happened.

More anniversaries for movies we love: Happy 40th Rock Horror!

In what surely is not a sign of the end times, there's another case of bubonic plague.

So many rats with the plague this year, jeez. We should get more cats to help out wi... oh, never mind.

Yeaahp, yep, yep, yep, yep...

Highly intelligent Indiana Dog gets revenge on owner for stupid name after nearly a lifetime of plotting and waiting for exactly the right moment.

Not as smart as Trigger? Here are some easy-to-understand sentences about things some smart people wrote.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Well Done, Halloween
  • Plague Shots
  • ScatterBurger