NerdBurger 146 - Go See The Force Awakens First!

This week Curt appears in studio for the first time ever (as himself) to talk all about Star Wars: The Force Awakens with ALL OF THE SPOILERS. Also, the guys discuss other nerdy things. Seriously GO SEE THE EFFING MOVIE ALREADY, and then enjoy our show :)

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Do NOT listen past the 33:00 mark (or so) if you have not yet seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is your final final final warning.

Get ready for some high-brow intellectial boozin' at the Barnes & Noble.

Bad things happen if you don't get enough sleep. Bad things, man.

End in sight for Big Bang. The show, that is. Don't Panic, the universe is just fine.

Steve Harvey's been spending too much time at future Barnes & Noble. Miss Colombia would have to move in there to handle the new job she was offered.

Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever, after A Christmas Story and Bad Santa.

The Force Awakens gets it's only bad review outside of Super Nerd Land from... The Vatican. Hey, I thought this new pope was supposed to be cool!?

George Lucas hasn't been on Teh Intarwebz since... well, you can probably guess.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Why Haven't You Seen The Force Awakens First?
  • BYO Cheese
  • Not Until I Leave Tomorrow
  • Lucas Gave Us Force AIDS
  • Sorry, Coma Guy