NerdBurger 152 - Rick and Morty Spadowski's Clubhouse

This week Ando returns to talk Pugmire, Comcastic Google Fiber, Samsung spying on you, more geek TV, SCIENCE!, Sword Coast Legends, and Hollywood on Twitter. Also, fan fiction, college theater, and the end of the world. Quick, register for AndoCon NOW!

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As Heard On NerdBurger™, it's the Pugmire RPG Kickstarter. There are only 20 days to go and they only have 10 times their funding goal, so go help 'em out!

Comcast is trying to convince you that they're better than Google Fiber. If only they tried this hard at that whole customer service thing.

Samsung TVs are always listening to everything you say, and they're probably doing some shady-ass stuff with your personal information.

Because average people need more geek culture (and because it's too much trouble for them to figure out Internet video, and also AMC likes $), there's a new geek culture talk show.

As Heard On NerdBurger™ (literally), it's gravitational waves!

New D&D video game will allow a DM to run the show. How much of dick will your DM become when he's not in the same room with everyone...?

Is there such a thing as "meteorite insurance"?

Movie producer tweets character descriptions for the female leads in scripts he receives, hilarity and an understanding that Hollywood is full of douchebags ensue.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Thanks, Ando's Mom and Dad
  • Lord Buffington in the Closet with the Cane
  • InnuAndo 2: Even Deeper