NerdBurger 155 - Medium Well Baby

This week Curt returns (AGAIN?!?)  to talk Stephen King, tornado SCIENCE!, turtle smuggling, monkeys in wheelchairs, Walking Dead, password statistics, and Pornhub search terms & corporate brands by state. Also, Curt NerdBurgers everyone on Leap Day!

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Stephen King used that Twitter machine the kids like to announce who's starring in The Dark Tower movie.

Now a yearly feature on NerdBurger, it's Pornhub's most searched terms for 2016!

If you see these radar trucks driving through your neighborhood this Spring you'd better head for the basement.

Man smuggles turtles in pants. No, that's not a euphemism.

Maybe our robot monkey overlords will be kind to us for having made them… but probably not.

Think it would be awesome to live on the set of the Walking Dead? It probably is for everyone except this one loud complainer.

What's your PIN/password? Better hope it's not in this post.

Next week on NerdBurger we'll correlate Pornhub search terms with each state's most famous brand! Just kidding, we'll be at AndoCon.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Uniting Behind Lesbians
  • Zombie Jerky
  • 1337 8008135