NerdBurger 156 - Live From AndoCon 2016!

This week - live from AndoCon 2016 - Craig, Mike, and Ando welcome a room full of guests to talk gaming, gamers, & the games they play. Also news, innuAndo, raffles, and Liberace impressions. Oh Scott, that was a waaanderful three years of podcasting!!!

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Many thanks to The Ando for again allowing us to allow him to find all of our awesome guests so that this year's show could be another spectacular cavalcade of us doing even less work than usual!

Additional thanks to our sponsors FableForge and NerdBurger Games (hmmm, sounds familiar…), and possibly also Terminus Productions and Alex the beer gopher!

And be sure to save a date that is possibly close to this year's for AndoCon 2017!

Hey, did you hear about those new self-cleaning airplane toilets? You did If you were with us at AndoCon!

Hey, did you meet all of some of the best game designers and/or other people with names you may have heard before at AndoCon? Great! Now go check them all out at their websites and buy their stuff, Donkey!

Louis Puster III, author of Saga of Ukumog, at

Derek A. Kamal, creator of The Dig: A Roleplaying Game, at

Marco Leon, creator of Enter the Shadowside: DESTINY at

Michael Williams, guy who is loud, at…? (Michael, you can get for $999 here)

Chris Miller, creator of ANKUR: Kingdom of the Gods, at

Richard Glosson, of local game publisher Terminus Productions, at

James Dawsey, of Vigilance Press, at

Bruce Sheffer, of Tri Tac Games, at

Larry Gray, co-host of the NerdBurger FOOD BLOG!

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • AndoCon: Now With Smaller Bumps
  • Sanitary Poop
  • Mr. Takanaga… Naga… Notgonnaworkhereanymore
  • Donkey Show
  • Oh Ando, That Was Wonderful!