NerdBurger 158 - The 6 Million Dollar Member

This week Michael returns to press Garry Shandling into vinyl, ponder bionic penii and lab-grown hearts, talk Microsoft getting trolled, and check out WW2 on Facebook. Plus, Michael tells his medical horror story and demands that we all #StopTheHashtag!

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Mark your calendars for May 10th… The Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter is almost here!

These are the words to Garry Shandling's life / How do you like them so far? / Garry called up 911 and then he died / These were words to Garry Shandling's death :(

Microsoft released an artificial intelligence chatbot and learned that Internet trolls really do ruin everything.

Two words: bionic penis.

Scientists grew a human heart from stem cells and turned it on. Someone call the Tin Woodman.

As Heard (About) on NerdBurger™, it's Craig's favorite story from The Moth.

Now that you can get your ashes turned into a record, will funeral homes start offering DJ services?

Also As Heard on NerdBurger™, it's the World War II Facebook feed!

Aaron Rodgers saw a UFO. And no, it was not a football thrown poorly by Jay Cutler.



This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Is My Dick Out Right Now?
  • Attempted Murder Cops
  • Super Serial