NerdBurger 159 - Imagine a World...

This week Matthew and Daniel return to talk April Fools' Day, digital amnesia, the Third Amendment, quantum computer qubits, and skyscraper glue. Plus, Daniel makes Eagle Scout, describes his new man cave, and geeks out on his favorite anime!

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Google screwed with everyone's gmail and made real April fools out of a whole lot of people. But you go ahead and continue propping up their pathetic business model by giving them all of your personal information to sell to advertisers. After all, you're not a fool. Right?

Hey Google, this is how you pull a harmless April Fools' prank.

There's something about technology and the Internet that's good for your brain… or is it bad…? I forgot. Why don't you just Google it...

Remember the Sabbath Day by keeping soldiers out of your house.

Speaking of the Bible, how many qubits were in Noah's Quantum Ark?

Future skyscrapers will MOST DEFINITELY NOT be glued together.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • God's Bill of Rights
  • All the Beggs and Acon
  • Man Cave, 1 Bath, Wet Bar
  • Not Literally Neck Deep