NerdBurger 162 - The Ghost of Prince

This week James returns to discuss Dead Celebrity News, a Bill and Ted sequel, Game of Thrones, wealthy Transhumanists abroad, Ben Franklin's new non-presidential company, and Heaven's Gate. Also, the guys talk about Prince and music that isn't his!

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Long live Prince.

Long live Prince.

There's going to be a Bill & Ted 3 soon. Whoa!

MTV forgets how to do music videos, screws up Prince tribute.

Make your own Prince tribute (on a Mac) using these Unicode characters.

Someone has a serious Game of Thrones addiction and/or an unrealistic sense of entitlement.

Wealthy body-modders seek surgeon to install telepathy-enabling brain implants. This won't end well.

Forget about Jackson and Tubman, let's start a petition to change it to a $19.99 bill and put Prince on it. And by "let's" we mean you.

The Heaven's Gate website is still active. Go take a look if you're curious, or if you just want to know what we mean when we say "GeoCities".

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Screen Door on a Haunted House
  • Five Tubbies for a Benji
  • Party Like It's $19.99