NerdBurger 161 - A Hundred and One Yards

This week Andy returns to talk porn & nerds (not) in NC, robot ScarJo, bathroom germs, Pastafarians, metal foam, Jack Shephard's granny, and Game of Thrones, celebrity, & science news about penii. Also, Mike disses DRM and Craig hates on bad Kickstarters!

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Toy guns used to look like real guns, so it was only natural that this happened. Some consider guns to be phallic symbols, btw. #It'sAPenis

Are you "excited" for Game of Thrones? #FreeThePenis

XHamster "shuts down" (read: "inconveniences") North Carolina online porn enthusiasts over crappy law. Don't they realize that those lawmakers don't want anyone "spilling their seed" either? Played right into their hands (so to speak). #StopThePenis

John Cusack's stalker wants to curse his penis, presumably because she can't have access to it. #CurseThePenis

A Chinese man built an extremely life-like robot of Scarlett Johansson. #LonelyPenis #RoneryPenis

In Obvious Study Findings News™, women prefer large penii, second only to a man's hot torso. It's about time the torso got top billing. #ObviousPenis

All you circumcised dudes who are wondering if you're missing anything? You're not. Just infections and/or something else to clean. #PenisEquality

Dyson hand dryers spread more germs than the regular hand dryers that you're not supposed to use, and the paper towels that you're not supposed to use. Next up: a study to determine how many germs you get wiping your wet hands on your shirt. #WhereCanIStickThis?

New Zealanders become the first to be married at a Pastafarian wedding. Or in Kiwi: A "Pastafeerian weeding". #Noodle

Composite metal foam stops bullets. #It'sAPenis

Grandma got herself lost in the mountains, walking home from our house Christmas Eve... #MaybeHerDogHadAPenis?

And for your viewing pleasure, it's Mitchell and Webb's "Are We the Baddies?". #NazisAreDicks

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Johnny Tomatto's Tarmacqeria
  • Candy Everybody Wants Game of Thrones
  • Harrison Ford, Anne Heche, and Jesus
  • The Penisode