NerdBurger 174 - Pikachu...chu...chu…chu...

This week Michael returns to talk Aliens, skydiving, Nickelodeon nostril nostalgia, pizza desperation, NASA moon hacks, and whacking for Zika. Also, Michael describes his knob litter and explains what all this Pokémon Go nonsense is about!

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It's not Friday the 13th. We don't know what came over us.

It's not Friday the 13th. We don't know what came over us.

In 30th Anniversary Movie News™, It's Aliens! Where can you get your own "Game over man!" soundbite? Not here, apparently.

You can watch this guy attempt to skydive without a parachute on July 30th, or you can tune in to NerdBurger in two weeks to hear us describe his grisly death.

Nickelodeon is bringing back Double Dare. In other news, Nickelodeon is still a channel.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the world's most considerate pizza-addicted burglar.

Step 1: Hack into NASA's Twitter account. Step 2: Tweet porn. Step 3: Profit...?

If you're a dude and have Zika (who doesn't?), the CDC will pay you to do what you just did after clicking the previous link. Eeeewww.

These people playing Pokemon Go fell off a cliff. These people got lost in abandoned underground government tunnels. What stupid thing have you done while playing?

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Marc Summers' Nose
  • Into Your Pie Hole
  • Bill Paxton Playing Pokemon While Stapling Pepperoni to Chinese Menus