NerdBurger 175 - Dueling Nicolas Cages

This week Josh returns to talk Celebrity Deaths™, fast food, THC in your H2O, Eugene, Star Wars Rebels, Ghost Rider, and Gary Busey. Also, the guys discuss the latest in video games & consoles, plus the latest on TV, DVR, video, and Netflix!

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RIP, Garry Marshall.

In the burrito sauna, you make your own gravy.

Every McDonald's in Japan is about to be overrun by mindless zombies.

Pot-unfriendly Colorado town's water supply is potable in more than one way.

Benny hides huge bennies in Eugene. Only one of those things is a person.

The Gary Busey Soundboard is back, and it's better than ever.

Nintendo's new NES mini console looks so good that even Mike considered buying one for about 5 seconds.

Stranger Things: Things are going to get more stranger.

This week's alternate episode titles were:

  • Edging & Browsing
  • Dueling Nicolases Cage?